Review Policy

This blog will primarily focus on indie fantasy books. I am mostly interested in reading fairy tale retellings (or inspired by fairy tales), magical kingdoms, royalty, mages, marriage competitions (see The Selection series), etc.. I especially love vampires.

I’m not that interested in books about shifters, demons as protags, and reverse harems in general. I’m also not comfortable with erotica, or a lot of sexual content.

❤ Print or ebook.

❤ Reviews will be honest & will be cross-posted on Goodreads and Amazon. –> NOTE–4/18/2020: Currently, I can’t post reviews on Amazon due to their rules about having to spending $50 a year, so I’ll post reviews on other sites in the meantime.

❤ Do not send multiple requests. I will respond if I’m interested/available to read.

❤ Besides reviews, I’m also willing to post release day blasts, giveaways, cover reveals, etc..

((Book blasts/blitzes are posts that inform readers about your book. Contains covers, synopsis, teasers, author bio, giveaways, etc. You may send this info ahead of time.))

Request Status: Closed for reviews, open for book blasts or spotlights/cover reveals/etc. Requests can be sent to:

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